Telecom Lifecycle Management

You want to grow your business. We can help.

Businesses continue to be under pressure to cut costs, streamline operations and manage budgets more effectively. Combined with an ever-changing telecom environment and time-intensive, manual business processes, it’s not surprising that most businesses struggle to manage through the lifecycle of their telecom services and assets.

What is Telecom Lifecycle Management?

More than Telecom Expense Management (TEM), which predominantly covers the financial management aspects of the telecom lifecycle, Liquid Networx provides full Telecom Lifecycle Management (TLM) capabilities. Whether you need help with a portion of the telecom lifecycle, or require a fully managed program, Liquid Networx will work with you create a customized solution to meet your business needs and objectives. Audit, for example, can be a singular function or ongoing process that yields higher returns. As part of our turnkey solution, Liquid Networx will assign dedicated resources to analyze, design and implement your solution.

Business growth through TLM

Our award-winning services help you control your telecom assets and save money through better financial and operational management. Our professional team of telecom and network experts can help you buy and manage the full range of services including voice and data, wireline and wireless, equipment, maintenance agreements, cable and collocation, across multiple service providers.

With complete visibility to your data in a centralized secure web portal, you have the facts you need to run your communications services with maximum efficiency.  Proven, time-tested best practices provide the framework for an efficient implementation, leading seamlessly to ongoing support and management.  Our structured implementation and lifecycle management processes are designed to help you quickly realize the benefits of using our Communications Management Solutions.  Liquid Networx partners with you to optimize the way you model your business and collaborate to develop highly effective workflow processes to manage the telecom lifecycle and maximize your investment.

Service and inventory management provides visibility into telecom infrastructure

A centralized, accurate and reliable inventory of your telecommunications services and assets is a critical first step in the ongoing management of your organization’s telecommunications infrastructure and associated processes. There are many factors which can cause confusion and inaccuracy in an organization’s telecom inventory including:

  • Frequency of changes to services, subscribers and locations
  • Decentralized inventory management practices
  • Lack of comprehensive inventory information where minimal details are provided or information is missing
  • Lack of consolidation of services, multiple contracts with providers for the same services
  • Lack of internal resource knowledge about telecom services and carrier processes
  • Changes in the telecom industry and the services offered by carriers
  • Ineffective and inefficient telecom lifecycle management processes

Whether as a standalone service or bundled with our other solutions, Liquid Networx can help you get control of your telecom inventory. We will keep an up-to-date inventory of your telecom services and provider contracts and provide reporting and analytics that will help you make better decisions in optimizing your telecom network. Service orders entered into our secure web portal will automatically update the inventory, ensuring its accuracy.

Financial management streamlines

In addition to our Service and Inventory Management Solution, our Financial Management Solution automates the processing and reconciliation of invoices as well the management of disputes and invoice payments. As a part of the solution, invoices, disputes, inventories and contracts are centrally located and readily accessible via our web-based portal.

Telecom invoices have error rates of 7-12%.  – Aberdeen Group

The Financial Management Solution consists of:

  • Invoice Management
  • Dispute Management
  • Optimization Management
  • Integration with our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution
  • Accounts Payable Processing and Reporting
  • General Ledger/Cost Allocation and Reporting
  • Invoice Payment

As an add-on to our Financial Management Solution, Liquid Networx initiates payment on vendor invoices upon appropriate approvals from the customer.

Operational management and moving beyond TEM

Our award-winning Telecom Lifecycle Management program goes beyond simply managing the financial and expense elements associated to the telecom assets; it ensures the effective management of all telecom-related activities, including operational processes. In fact, studies conducted by Aberdeen Group suggest that companies utilizing TLM solutions have realized savings between 15 and 25% of their total telecom spend.

The solution consists of:

  • Order Management
  • Service Management
  • Trouble Ticketing
  • Help Desk
  • Asset Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Cable/Wire Management