Achieve Maximum Visibility

Liquid Networx provides its clients with centralized and streamlined visibility from a single pane of glass view, offering holistic insight into the Fortinet Fabric.

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Optimize Any Environment From Anywhere

By utilizing a centrally-managed infrastructure — scalable across network teams and enterprises of any size — Liquid Networx clients see that network automation is prioritized to reduce misconfigurations and operator errors.

Robust Security. Comprehensive Monitoring.

Legacy approaches are no longer enough to protect remote networks. FortiGate firewalls will protect against ransomware and other cyberattacks to keep operations running, while FortiGuard services reduce costs and achieve optimal TCO. Paired together, the two allow organizations to stay secure and productive with end-to-end security, simplified operations and easy-to-use single pane of glass automation.

Fortinet Zero Trust Access Badge

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Product Features

Seamless Deployment

FortiManager can be deployed as a physical appliance, VM or SaaS, and can be integrated seamlessly within any existing layer of the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Centralized Management

Monitor, establish and automate configurations and policies within both SD-Wan and SD-Branch environments with a simplified management view.

Efficient Network Segregation

Optimized for environments looking to automate network configurations, security policies, and simplified provisioning.

Maximum Administrative Integration

Integrates with 480+ ecosystem partners to provide management options for up to 100,000 Fortinet access points, switches and firewalls.

Solving For A Saturation Problem

Keeping track of network infrastructure, analyzing the security threats being detected by multiple network resources and staying on top of third-party service providers is a 24/7/365 commitment. The tools and teams provided by Liquid Networx and Fortinet streamline network manageability while helping organizations gain real-time visibility into the issues that matter, before they become problems that matter.

Liquid Networx Expertise Helps

  • Protect what organizations cannot see — immediately.
  • Build monitoring and management into every network with minimal administrative consoles and maximum security.
  • Automate configuration to optimize control across a network.
  • Get devices deployed, installed and configured in time, on time, all the time.
  • De-escalate, detect and remediate network and security issues before they become a business issue.
  • Analyze an organization’s IT and security architecture while providing management conducive to crucial investment insights.

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