Automation Aids Switching

The complexity of a Local Area Network (LAN) can lead to diminished quality and poor end-user experiences. With Fortinet, automation provides ease of administration and visibility that provides administrators with the ability to reduce complexity within any LAN infrastructure while ensuring secure, always-on communication.

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Simple, Secure, Automated Switching

FortiSwitch is a secure ethernet LAN switch that ensures excellent network security via connectivity, manageability and performance.

Secure Network Control

In the fast, ever-evolving world of digital technology, every organization needs a Wide Area Network (WAN) that can keep its users, devices and applications working and secure. At Liquid Networx, that’s our focus.

Fortinet Zero Trust Access BadgeFortinet Zero Trust Access Badge

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Product Features

Network Optimization

FortiGate interfaces with FortiLink which optimizes converging network environments by authenticating voice, data and wireless traffic, providing a centralized security solution and access management.

Single Pane Of Glass Interface

A vital component of the Fortinet Security Fabric that can be regulated from a single pane of glass administrative view.

Seamless Integration

Use FortiLink technologies to integrate multiple independent switches into a seamless, logical switch stack that is managed centrally.

Diverse Deployment

Able to be deployed and managed within non-FortiGate environments.

Solving A Complexity Problem

With Fortinet SD Branch switching architectures, an organization’s environment can be managed in a single pane of glass, making it easier to maintain complex LAN infrastructure. This is conducive to dynamic configurations that integrate consistently throughout any network architecture, regardless of complexity, while significantly reducing the administrative overhead of sophisticated LAN design.

Liquid Networx Helps Administrators

  • Control VLAN access, NAC policies and spanning tree policies, all from a central dashboard with a simple mouse click.
  • Eliminate the need for administrators to reconfigure switch ports in their entirety.
  • Build security into any network so the governing organization knows what is connected and where.
  • Reduce the complexity of LAN configurations to ensure low latency and high security.
  • Utilize the central administrative dashboard to upgrade any network infrastructure with a single click.
  • Easily configure and administer simple or complex features via the GUI or the CLI.

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