FortiGuard: Intrusive Prevention Systems

Save time and money with FortiGuard’s virtual patching, which uses an IPS signature to patch a multitude of compromised systems simultaneously.

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Comprehensive Threat Protection

As a native piece of the Fortinet security fabric, FortiGuard improves a network’s security posture and resilience with an IPS that defends against known and Zero Day threats by inspecting incoming, outgoing and encrypted traffic using thousands of intrusion prevention rules.

Support Without Boundaries

The way people work has evolved, which means it’s never been more important for organizations to make sure employees can work productively and securely wherever they are. In the office, at home, or on the road, the hybrid work environment is here to stay and the support offered by Liquid Networx meets the needs of a remote workforce.

Fortinet Zero Trust Access Badge

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Product Features

Multifunction Deployment

FortiGuard can be deployed as a NGFW with consolidated IPS capability or as a standalone IPS to offer enhanced capabilities.

Deep Packet Inspection Technology

Thoroughly scan and inspect any communications that traverse your company’s network.

Real-Time Referencing

Constantly updated signature references to known exposures, exploits and packet vulnerabilities.

IT & OT IPS Signatures

The ability to create custom IPS signatures that allow you to inspect IT & OT infrastructures.

Expand Resources. Improve Security.

Without expanding internal teams, FortiGuard allows organizations to leverage threat intel, real time analytics, threat hunting capabilities, and the “eyes on glass” services of FortiGuard labs. Most Fortinet products pull real time information from the FortiGuard threat repository and combine that information with incident response services, security operation center services, and consulting engagements, allowing organizations of any size to implement consistent practices to keep their organizations safe.

Liquid Networx Can Help Organizations

  • Offload routine or difficult work by using the LNX lineup of professionals to free up internal teams.
  • Eliminate false-positive alerts and only receive alerts that matter.
  • Automate network response with switches and scripts.
  • Develop a process and policy that can be implemented, tested and prioritized.
  • Give teams access to experts to help them learn how to best support the organization.
  • Audit configurations for best practices across all equipment to ensure an organization is fully protected.

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