If an order placed for hardware does not show up on time, in time and within budget, it can quickly derail an entire deployment project. The Liquid Networx Logistics team works diligently to complete inventories, stage equipment and ship hardware, to keep projects running smoothly.

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Inventory Tracking And Staging

Projects of any size can be staged effectively by using the staging and logistics service options provided by Liquid Networx. Teams work to inventory equipment, complete staging and test configurations, while ensuring gear is shipped out to its proper location, on schedule, for installation. Working with our elite project management teams can ensure a successful turnkey delivery of service for any organization.

Business Outcomes

Inventory Takes Time

The Liquid Networx team can help drive efficiency in deployment projects by taking over inventory and tracking responsibilities. This is an invaluable service that gives time back to internal network engineers.

Shipping Is Complicated

Ship, track and deliver any equipment, anywhere with precision and accuracy.

Staging To Be Sure

Each piece of hardware is thoroughly tested and staged within the Liquid Networx SOC 2 Type 2 staging facility. This ensures that gear is shipped on time to any site and is prepped for deployment when it arrives.

Project Managed

Logistics management is part of almost every project an IT staff deploys. The Liquid Networx PMO team tracks and manages each step of the logistics process for projects of any size to make sure that all pieces fit together to create a well-oiled machine.

Solving A Logistical Problem

Logistics management is hard. Getting equipment to the correct place at the correct time is a difficult task. When networks, phone systems or security infrastructure are rolled out, logistics snags can stop projects in their tracks. To help prevent this, Liquid Networx has a team of procurement and logistics specialists that provide shipping, receiving and inventory control of any size project.

Liquid Networx Can Help Businesses

  • Stage, test and package network and security gear.
  • Project plan and manage the delivery of equipment.
  • Ensure equipment is delivered on time and to the correct location.
  • Provide inventory and tracking information for all equipment.
  • Procure and secure equipment timely and accurately.
  • Know what is ordered and when it needs renewal.

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