Create Secure Work-From-Home Environments

Work-from-home users benefit from next-generation services alongside the simplicity of home networking equipment, while network administrators benefit from services that segment and configure technology to establish reliable, secure connectivity.

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Security + Accessibility, Everywhere

Linksys HomeWRK is a next-generation firewall and high-speed router integrated into one device. It is ideal for both educational environments, such as remote learning, or hybrid business solutions.

Support Without Boundaries

The way people work has evolved, which means it’s never been more important for organizations to make sure employees can work productively and securely wherever they are. In the office, at home, or on the road, the hybrid work environment is here to stay and the support offered by Liquid Networx meets the needs of a remote workforce.

Fortinet Zero Trust Access BadgeFortinet Zero Trust Access Badge

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Product Features

Enterprise Caliber Features

Offers WiFi 6 mesh technologies with enterprise-grade security.

Connectivity Whenever And Wherever

Boasts reliable connectivity and prioritized organizational tools for communication and collaboration.

Centralized Control

Provides centralized visibility across all devices via a fluid, cloud-based console.

Scalable And Budget-Friendly Technology

Offered as a Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) solution that helps to maximize scalability while minimizing upfront investment.

Solving the Segmentation and Configuration Problem

The Fortinet secure work-from-home solution allows users to segment their home infrastructure from their work infrastructure. Integration removes the complexity of enterprise systems without removing the functionality of the full security stack required to secure enterprise networks.

Liquid Networx Can Help Organizations

  • Give users the ability to segment their home network from their business network.
  • Provide enterprise security to home users at minimal cost.
  • Provision devices without the need to stage equipment with Zero Touch configurations.
  • Reduce the complexity of the home LAN with intelligent mesh technologies.
  • Upgrade infrastructure with a single click from a central dashboard.
  • Configure basic and advanced features without interrupting the user's home network.

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