Voice And Collaboration

FortiVoice infrastructure, which simplifies voice services with a security-first approach, allows for on-premises or cloud-based voice services. End users can utilize the voice services platform while maintaining a secure communications infrastructure without the need for repeated reconfiguration.

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Simplified, Robust Integration

FortiVoice is an integrated, enterprise phone system that offers voice, conferencing and fax communication services for up to 50,000 users. With FortiVoice through Liquid Networx, businesses experience a simple yet comprehensive service.

Secure Network Control

In the fast, ever-evolving world of digital technology, every organization needs a Wide Area Network (WAN) that can keep its users, devices and applications working and secure. At Liquid Networx, that’s our focus.

Fortinet Zero Trust Access BadgeFortinet Zero Trust Access Badge

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Product Features

High ROI

Realize high value and maximum return on investment as the implementation of FortiVoice does not incur any additional usage costs or revolving subscriptions.

Centralized Management

A centralized management system facilitates easy access to multiple locations, real-time performance analysis and comprehensive system monitoring.

Security First Communication

Supports various line types, configuration simplicity and encrypted communications.

Simplified Execution

Cloud options provide an easy-to-integrate solution that can be easily deployed, managed and configured.

Solving A Tools Problem

Liquid Networx helps businesses design and deploy a full stack of communication tools so that any organization can stay connected in a secure yet collaborative way, from any location.

Liquid Networx Helps Organizations

  • Provide end users with the tools needed to complete their job.
  • Provide reliable communication that is always on.
  • Collaborate anywhere, anytime with any device.
  • Reduce the complexity of using collaborative tools by making technology simply work.
  • Upgrade network infrastructure from a centralized cloud platform.
  • Minimize the cost associated with antiquated maintenance contracts and last-generation technologies.

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