Security Operations Center Platform

Build a secure infrastructure for alerting, reporting and event correlation that will provide internal IT staff with the ability to quickly identify and adapt to security events.

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Accelerated Security Options

Organizations can add muscle to their Security Operations Center (SOC) by integrating tools and systems their teams need. The Fortinet SOC environment is a force multiplier that quickly accelerates any team’s ability to protect the entire attack surface of any organization.

Security Environment Evolution

IT professionals are changing endpoint security vendors and moving away from traditional prevention-focused anti-malware for a number of reasons, including increasingly sophisticated ransomware and other attacks, alert fatigue, analyst burnout and a lack of visibility and control. At Liquid Networx, we show organizations a new way.

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Product Features

Augment Staff

Using next-generation features, Fortinet’s SOC platforms help to reduce overhead and provide virtual SOC analysts to any organization.

Reduce Complexity

Cybersecurity teams can drastically reduce the complexity of keeping environments secure when leveraging tools from Fortinet.

Automation With Control

Automation provided by the Fortinet Security Fabric keeps networks functioning automatically without the need for continuous intervention.

Experts Are Ready And Waiting

Extend the expertise of any team by leveraging FortiGuard services on top of SOC tools, which provide access to expert threat hunters and highly-experienced security operations personnel.

Solving A Staffing Problem

Security operations centers are problematic to run due to the time, energy and capital it takes. And, SOCs are difficult to staff, while personnel are hard to train. The Liquid Networx and Fortinet teams can provide SOC services with as much, or as little, professional assistance required to complete any task of any size on any network. The Liquid Networx SOC platform, powered by Fortinet, allows any organization to markedly strengthen the effectiveness of their overall security posture in a more efficient way.

Liquid Networx Can Help Organizations

  • Configure SOC tools to reduce false positives while minimizing alert fatigue.
  • Maximize efficiency by knowing what tools to use and when to use them.
  • Reduce the complexity of SOC infrastructure by automating alerting and response measures across the Fortinet Security Fabric.
  • Build a robust mesh security fabric that will allow network infrastructure to instantly react to security issues.
  • Know what is happening, when it happens, without having to search endlessly through log files.
  • Build an organization’s team into a security powerhouse with the proper tools and correct training to get the job done right.

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