Managed SOC

By extending its IT team to include a managed SOC, an organization benefits from having round-the-clock monitoring for malicious attacks from expert threat hunters, allowing internal teams to focus on the day-to-day needs of the business.

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Managed Detection (MDR) and Response Service

FortiEDR is a comprehensive endpoint security system that is built from the ground up to protect everything, from workstations and servers to point of sale and manufacturing controllers.  Integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiEDR boasts advanced detection, real-time event notifications and shortened response times. MDR is the 24/7 monitoring service that offers managed detection and response with a dedicated team of analysts while providing real-time remediation of events using scripted playbooks.

Security Environment Evolution

IT professionals are changing endpoint security vendors and moving away from traditional prevention-focused anti-malware for a number of reasons, including increasingly sophisticated ransomware and other attacks, alert fatigue, analyst burnout and a lack of visibility and control. At Liquid Networx, we show organizations a new way.

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Business Outcomes

Real-Time Proactive Risk Mitigation And IoT Security

Minimizes attack surface vulnerabilities through assessments and policies, like virtual patching and application control.

Pre-Infection Protection

Provides impenetrable, kernel-level defense via a next-generation, machine-learning antivirus engine.

Post-Infection Protection

A dedicated team of network analysts monitors, detects and stops advanced attacks in real-time, even after endpoint compromisation, significantly improving degrees of accuracy from threat response notifications.

Automated Response

Network analysts monitor asset protection and discovery while providing advanced Fortinet Security Fabric correlations and automated responses.

Solving A Personnel Problem

Programs are only as effective as the staff operating them. This has never been more true than in a Security Operations Center. The Liquid Networx and Fortinet Managed SOC allow for organizations to leverage 24/7/365 threat-hunting expertise so that someone is always watching the network. We provide alerting and remediations for security events fortifying any network while deterring malicious actors.

Liquid Networx Can Help Businesses

  • Leverage a 24/7/365 team of elite professionals to keep watch over an organization’s entire network.
  • Gain access to skilled threat hunters and highly trained service personnel to investigate any malicious activity.
  • Get notified before security events happen — not after.
  • Reduce the administrative overhead and complexity required to keep track of all security events across any organization.
  • Prepare for an event with security teams around the world always monitoring the network and standing ready to assist.
  • Leverage the tools and applications of external SOC teams without having to invest in costly SOC systems.

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