Zero Trust Network Access

Achieve reliable and consistent protection and verification at every attack surface and at every endpoint.

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Trust Nothing. Verify Everything.

At Liquid Networx, we embrace the Zero Trust Network Access ideological framework which is grounded in the concept of trusting nothing until after it is verified to maintain security. Products like EDR, EMS, FortiMail, FortiAuthenticator, FortiClient, FortiNAC utilize Zero Trust methodologies as their basis in providing the highest possible security for any threat vector, which is why we work with those products time and again.

Verify First. Trust Second.

The ZTNA application, utilized as part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, takes a client-based approach by launching automatic encrypted tunnels every time a user tries to access an application while leveraging the FortiGate Next Generation Firewall and FortiClient endpoint agent.

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Product Features

Whole Network Visibility

Allows all network devices and users to be identified while utilizing dynamic control and automated response network orchestration.

Security Fabric Integration

FortiGate, FortiClient, FortiEDR and FortiNAC combine to provide a mesh security fabric that works together, right out of the box, to secure an organization’s infrastructure.

Endpoint Control & Support

FortiClient is the endpoint agent that administers central visibility and manages control of all endpoints to provide Zero Trust access to the resources on any network.

Secure Authentication

ZTNA from Fortinet leverages FortiAuthenticator and FortiToken to provide maximum security verification for anyone, anywhere on any network.

Access Requires Trusted Data

Tools like FortiEDR, FortiEMS, FortiNAC and FortiGate provide real-time dynamic visibility to all of the data an organization needs in order to make a trust-based access decision about who, what, where and why any user or application can penetrate the network. Trusted data fosters a safer and more secure system.

Liquid Networx Supports Managed Network Access

  • Build centralized control into the management of an entire network architecture.
  • Eliminate application response issues across remote locations.
  • Go directly to the internet securely for as-a-service offerings.
  • Reduce complexity and administrative burden with simplified redundant configurations.
  • Get devices deployed, installed and configured in time, on time, all the time.
  • Monitor alert and respond to network outages without impacting the business.

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