Web Application Firewall

With on-premise and cloud-based options, Fortinet’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects web applications from malicious intent. In addition, it provides the ability to dynamically learn application environments and provide full-stack protection both at the application and API levels.

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Protect Against Vulnerabilities

FortiWeb, Fortinet’s WAF, dynamically patches both known and unknown vulnerabilities to keep them from being exploited by attackers. By employing machine learning technology and application profiling, FortiWeb understands which activity is normal and which activity is not, allowing the user to take immediate action against advanced threats.

Hyperscale Performance & Security

The Fortinet FortiGate Network Firewall is the world’s first firewall that is capable of securing hyperscale data centers and 5G networks, while delivering the industry’s highest performance, with security ratings of up to 13x. At Liquid Networx, we work with clients to deploy this exclusive technology.

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Product Features

Efficient Deployment

Seamless Fortinet Security Fabric integration, via scalable deployment, that does not require excessive use of management resources.

Scalable Integrations

Threat intelligence is shared as a mobile application, and mission-critical APIs are protected as two layers of machine learning are employed.

Mitigate Different Threat Vectors

Mitigates malicious bot activity without blocking bots that are conducive to primary business needs.

Streamline Application Agility

Realize agile and secure web application front ends.

Solving A Programmatic Problem

APIs are a leading attack vector across the world, and increasingly API infrastructures are being targeted by threat actors as a means to impact and infiltrate organizations. By placing Fortinet in front of an API infrastructure, nefarious connectivity attempts can be prevented and API security is streamlined so that IT teams can focus on the functionality of the applications instead of who is manipulating them externally.

Liquid Networx Helps Businesses

  • Secure web application infrastructure from external attacks.
  • Gain visibility into who and what is connecting to web applications.
  • Prevent unknown access to applications and APIs.
  • Put a barrier between the organization’s applications and the world.
  • Reduce the amount of internet touchpoints and attack surfaces.
  • Provide reportability to the web application traffic for your organization.

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