SaaS Security

The centralized visibility offered by using cloud-based security allows any organization to easily apply complex security requirements without limiting functionality. Organizations can secure Software as a Service (SaaS) applications by integrating the Fortinet Security Fabric into the entire cloud ecosystem, creating a more fortified network.

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Protect Public SaaS

The Fortinet Security Fabric is designed to be extended into the public cloud infrastructure and will provide your organization with a multi-layered cloud security posture that prevents malicious activity around your organization’s SaaS products.

Security Environment Evolution

IT professionals are changing endpoint security vendors and moving away from traditional prevention-focused anti-malware for a number of reasons, including increasingly sophisticated ransomware and other attacks, alert fatigue, analyst burnout and a lack of visibility and control. At Liquid Networx, we show organizations a new way.

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Business Outcomes

Known Threats

FortiGuard URL Filtering | FortiGuard Anti-Spam | FortiGuard Antivirus.

Suspicious Threats

SPF | DMARC | DKIM | Newsletter Graymail

Unknown Threats

Click Protection | Outbreak Protection | Behavior Analysis | Content Disarm

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Impersonation Analysis | Cousin Domain Detection

Solving A Cloud Security Problem

Fortinet and Liquid Networx can implement native cloud systems in line with SaaS providers to leverage the Fortinet security fabric inside of cloud environments to fully segment and secure the interworking of the cloud infrastructure, giving an organization full control of the security in their cloud investments. We’re here to solve any organization’s cloud security problem.

Liquid Networx Can Help Organizations

  • Secure a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider.
  • Offer visibility into a provider’s actions and motives.
  • Extend the security of an organization’s network beyond the walls of its building.
  • Reduce complexity while increasing an organization’s overall security posture.
  • Know who is accessing an organization’s systems from where and why.
  • Gain the visibility and manageability of an “as a service” offering.

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