A Gateway to LTE/5G Integration

Inline, modular architecture seamlessly integrates 4G/5G cellular connectivity into an organization’s infrastructure while allowing maximum visibility and configuration.

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A Tool For Connectivity

FortiExtender is a 5G or LTE cellular gateway that provides multi-gigabit wireless WAN links to extend, ensure and secure the enterprise network. In addition, FortiExtender offers a wireless cellular solution for maintaining secure internet connectivity should an ISP go down.

Secure Network Control

In the fast, ever-evolving world of digital technology, every organization needs a Wide Area Network (WAN) that can keep its users, devices, and applications working and secure. At Liquid Networx, that’s our focus.

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Product Features

Always Available

Adds redundant cellular connectivity by layering cable or DSL bandwidth with features like out-of-band management while increasing branch reliability up to five times.

Uninterrupted Connectivity

Allows business to continue uninterrupted in the event of a disaster and acts as an ideal solution for incident response teams for which unimpeded internet connectivity is imperative.

Ease Of Implementation

A cellular modem is separated from the edge platform via power-over-internet (POI), which optimizes signal acquisition and data transmission.

Fortinet Ecosystem Integration

FortiExtender can be managed within FortiManager, FortiGate, or FortiExtender Cloud.

Solving Outage Issues

Networks go down, cables get cut and outages happen, which underscores the need for a reliable, robust cellular failover to keep a network functional and operational when the inevitable occurs. Maintaining signal strength and manageability of the cellular solution is the only way to ensure it will work when it is needed. Fortinet’s cellular infrastructure integrates into the Fortinet Security Fabric allowing for ongoing management, maintenance and remote monitoring of cellular connectivity, creating a welcome safety net for any network.

Liquid Networx Helps Businesses

  • Get connected to cellular networks.
  • Manage cellular modems centrally to ensure that they are always operational.
  • Make cellular just another interface on the network.
  • Reduce the complexity of the cellular backhaul with simplified configurations and streamlined management.
  • Upgrade the infrastructure with a single click from a central dashboard.
  • Configure simple and complex features via the GUI or the CLI.

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