Hybrid Cloud Security

Fortinet Security Fabric allows organizations to combine and streamline multiple cloud and on-premise infrastructures. It not only simplifies the cloud network architecture, it allows it to become scalable and supportable.

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Create A Protected Network

Businesses can completely surround their cloud investments as well as their on-premise infrastructures in a way that provides next-generation security by leveraging multiple product sets within the Fortinet Fabric and combining their functionality. Doing so provides insurance that an organization’s cloud investment won’t be the source of compromise within its own environment.

Hyperscale Performance & Security

Fortinet’s Fortigate Network Firewall is the world’s first firewall capable of securing hyperscale data centers and 5G networks, while delivering the industry’s highest performance with security ratings of up to 13x. At Liquid Networx, we work with clients to deploy this exclusive technology.

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Product Features

Virtual Network Firewall (FortiGate-VM)

Offering scalable, cloud-native security and VPN, FortiGate-VN can be deployed as a virtual machine in both public, private and Telco Cloud environments.

Denial-of-Service Protection (FortiDDoS)

FortiDDoS secures network infrastructure by mitigating threats and service disruptions without impeding critical network traffic while using adaptive, behavior-based detection methodology and application-specific, integrated circuit traffic processors.

Simplified Cloud Workloads

A full stack security solution that simplifies the process of securing cloud workloads by determining the most critical resources needed to handle the most necessary management protocols.

Prevent Misconfigurations

Leverages a cloud-based subscription service specifically designed to prevent misconfigurations of SaaS applications.

Solving A Multiplicity Problem

Securing and combining multiple cloud infrastructures is a grueling task. Building a hybrid cloud platform that leverages the right resources in the right place with the right people is only possible with end-to-end networking technology, which ensures that security is incorporated into every piece of the network architecture in a way that allows for the combination of cloud-native technologies while adapting to the complex, on-premise requirements of most organizations.

Liquid Networx Helps Businesses

  • Reduce the complexity of integrating cloud and on-premise security features.
  • Design a cloud infrastructure to prioritize necessary and common sense functions.
  • Build security into the architecture of a network without disrupting productivity.
  • Combine clouds without losing security functionality between vendors.
  • Maintain consistent and uniform corporate network policies throughout the cloud.
  • Gain centralized control of an organization’s cloud security posture without requiring complex, differentiated portal access.

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