FortiGate: Next-Generation Firewall

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) combines a traditional firewall with other network device-filtering functions by utilizing inline, deep packet inspection and intrusion prevention tactics.

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Shore Up Your Security

NGFWs offer unparalleled solutions by protecting against malicious threats, offering full network visibility, and maximizing the utility of SSL Deep Inspection capabilities by using Zero Trust Network Authentication architecture.

Manage Threats. Reduce Costs.

Legacy approaches are no longer enough to protect remote networks. NGFWs protect against ransomware and other cyberattacks, avoiding operational disruption. FortiGuard services not only reduce costs but they help achieve optimal TCO. Experience end-to-end security, simplified operations and easy-to-use “single pane of glass” automation with our proven solutions.

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Product Features

Security Fabric

Offers broader visibility, integrated end-to-end detection, threat intelligence sharing and automated remediation.


Delivers industry-leading threat protection performance and ultra-low latency using purpose-built, security processor (SPU) technology.


Our simple and effective management console improves your overall security posture by using a predefined compliance checklist that analyzes deployment performance while highlighting best practices.

Bolster Security Using Artificial Intelligence

Our AI-powered FortiGuard Labs security services rely on continuous threat intelligence to detect and prevent attacks from known and unknown adversaries.

Customized, Needs-Based Solutions

At Liquid Networx, we design sustainable system architectures based on an in-depth understanding of a company’s network needs. Where most engineers replace a firewall fewer than 10 times in their careers, our engineers replace thousands every year. That knowledge, coupled with our comprehensive process, offers organizations a worry-free experience while maintaining maximum stability as infrastructures are replaced.

Liquid Networx Can Help Your Business

  • Build centralized control into the management of your entire network architecture.
  • Eliminate application response issues across remote locations.
  • Go directly to the internet securely for "as a service" offerings.
  • Reduce complexity and administrative burden with simplified, redundant configurations.
  • Deploy, install and configure your devices in time, on time, all the time.
  • Monitor, alert and respond to network outages without impacting the business.

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