FortiSASE: Secure Web Gateway

Meet the needs of a remote workforce by utilizing private cloud service protection that enables secure remote access. Deliver FortiGate functionality, including IPS AV content filtering, DLP and more, as a service to end devices anywhere.

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Secure Remote Protection

FortiSASE is a security architecture that enables a defensive posture of multi-layered security by utilizing Zero Trust architecture, WAN capabilities, Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) provision, and Secure Web Gateway (SWG) functions to protect attack surfaces across all edges. This is a necessity for those looking to secure internet access for a remote workforce.

Reliable Encryption. Trusted Verification.

Included in the FortiOS operating system is Zero Trust Network Access, an invaluable, client-based encryption and verification process woven into the Fortinet Security Fabric. Leveraging the Fortigate Next Generation Firewall and FortiClient end-point agent, the ZTNA solution launches automatic encrypted tunnels every time a user tries to access an application. The tunnel connects to the ZTNA proxy point where the user’s identity is verified, the user’s device identity is verified, and the user’s device is posture-checked while the user’s access rights are confirmed — no matter where the user is working.

Fortinet Zero Trust Access Badge

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Product Features

Automated Regulation Of Your Secure Web Gateway

Utilizes FortiSASE to deliver a scalable SWG from the cloud to a remote workforce.

FortiProxy Utilization

Utilizes Fortiproxy to maximize NGFW protection of web gateway and attack surfaces.

Broad Protection System

Provides SSL inspection, inline CASB, DNS security, web filtering, anti-botnet, sand boxing, and ransomware detection capabilities.

Streamlined Protection

Offers a centralized, scalable way to protect a remote workforce while reducing operational equipment and service costs.

SASE: An Everywhere Solution

Fortinet’s SASE technologies can be utilized to provide secure access to end users in remote locations — anywhere and everywhere, all the time. Fortinet’s SASE framework is able to secure all devices everywhere thanks to its ability to use multiple security technologies as a service while combining the functionality of cloud-based resources and leveraging FortiGuard intelligence.

Liquid Networx Helps Businesses

  • Design an always-on remote connectivity solution for all employees across any organization of any size.
  • Keep settings and configurations the same on network and off.
  • Gain visibility into endpoint systems while gathering insight into optimizing an infrastructure’s security posture.
  • Secure the edge of a network with next-generation technologies that provide AV, IPS, content filtering, sandboxing and Zero Trust Network Access.
  • Limit administrative overhead in providing the services needed to protect and secure an organization’s assets.
  • Give users seamless connectivity to applications without increasing vulnerabilities and liabilities.

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