Endpoint Security

With patented security features, Fortinet endpoint systems surround the kernel of the OS to provide real Zero Trust endpoint security as well as detailed visibility and control of all types of endpoint systems.

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Zero Trust Endpoint Security

FortiEDR is a comprehensive endpoint security system that is built from the ground up to protect everything, from workstations and servers to point of sale and manufacturing controllers.  Integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiEDR boasts advanced detection, real-time event notifications, and shortened response and remediation times per incident. It is built with a native cloud infrastructure and supports deployment in the cloud, on-premise and within hybrid environments.

Security Environment Evolution

IT professionals are changing endpoint security vendors and moving away from traditional prevention-focused anti-malware for a number of reasons, including increasingly sophisticated ransomware and other attacks, alert fatigue, analyst burnout and a lack of visibility and control. At Liquid Networx, we show organizations a new way.

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Product Features

Real-Time Proactive Risk Mitigation & IoT Security

Minimizes attack surface vulnerabilities through assessments and policies, like virtual patching and application control.

Pre-Infection Protection

Provides impenetrable, kernel-level defense via next-generation, machine learning antivirus engine.

Post-Infection Protection

Detects and stops advanced attacks in real-time, even after endpoint compromisation.

Know Your Playbook

Using advanced automated playbooks, the FortiEDR product can take action to remediate endpoint threats as they happen, eliminating dwell time and protecting the infrastructure without human intervention.

Solving A Kernel Problem

Effectively protecting endpoints cannot be done without machine learning and artificial intelligence. Operating at the kernel level is the only way to detect, remediate and respond to real-time threats at the endpoint. Fortinet endpoint solutions, co-managed by Liquid Networx, allow for complete visibility and control of operating systems at the kernel level, giving endpoints the ability to fight threats both on and off the corporate network.

Liquid Networx Can Help Organizations

  • Provide kernel-level access security to all endpoints.
  • Gain visibility and control applications while staying informed about what versions of applications are being used across a network.
  • Hunt threats and investigate security information across all endpoints in real-time.
  • Prevent ransomware and malicious activity without adding unneeded complexity.
  • Integrate endpoint security systems into the rest of the security framework.
  • Know when events happen in real-time and block unknown events before they have a chance to become a security incident.

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