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Unmatched expertise. Unrivaled service.

Liquid Networx is a strategic service provider with experts who specialize in implementing secure, high-availability IT infrastructure for businesses. Our industry-leading products and service offerings are guided by each client’s unique business goals.

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Outcome-focused cybersecurity partners.

Liquid Networx has evolved from its beginnings as a partner for telecomm service provider transitions to become a nationally-recognized, award-winning cybersecurity organization focused on improving client outcomes. As a premier partner to Fortinet, one of the largest cybersecurity organizations in the world, we are committed to providing a united front against threats — alongside our mutual partners — to fortify client networks and foster a competitive edge for businesses in any industry.

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If you are impacted by the recent CDK Global cyber security incident, Liquid Networx is offering you a 30 day free trial of Clarity Managed EDR.

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Liquid Clarity / NOC Management

If You Can’t See It, You Can’t Manage It

LNX provides 24/7 monitoring, alerts and issue resolution for your remote location.

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Managed Detection Response (MDR)

Endpoint Protection Provided At The Kernel Level

Our team protects devices across your largest vulnerable surface without compromise.

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Engineering Services

Extend Your Team

Connect your team with our certified engineers to better protect your company’s most valuable assets.

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Carrier Services

Any Service, Anywhere

Liquid Networx procures and delivers services on time and under budget from any chosen carrier provider.

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