Cloud-Native Protection

Providing compliance, threat management, risk management, data security and container security, cloud-native protection utilizes a platform — built from the ground up — that streamlines the operational efficiency of an organization’s cloud workloads.

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Secure, Efficient Cloud Workloads

With FortiCNP, organizations can integrate security into any cloud workload. This allows any establishment to mitigate risk, gain visibility and adhere to compliance requirements while leveraging cloud resources.

Hyperscale Performance And Security

The Fortinet FortiGate Network Firewall is the world’s first firewall that is capable of securing hyperscale data centers and 5G networks, while delivering the industry’s highest performance, with security ratings of up to 13x. At Liquid Networx, we work with clients to deploy this exclusive technology.

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Product Features


Build a security framework into the cloud application that allows organizations to enforce and maintain any compliance mandate.

Risk Management

Handle risk in a cloud infrastructure — without compromising effectiveness or agility — with maximum security.

Threat Mitigation

Alleviate the uncertainty of hosting infrastructure in the cloud by providing next-generation security tools to all cloud workloads.

Data & Container Security

Apply security at the container level to provide granular control of cloud-native environments.

Solving A Trust Problem

Blindly trusting a cloud provider to secure an organization’s cloud infrastructure is a risky proposition for any business. Fortinet and Liquid Networx can implement native cloud systems that align with cloud providers while leveraging the Fortinet Security Fabric inside of cloud environments to help organizations fully segment, manage and secure their cloud investments.

Liquid Networx Helps Businesses

  • Integrate threat container-level security throughout its cloud workloads.
  • Ensure all compliance requirements are met, documented and adhered to.
  • Build cloud environments that promote visibility, security and agility.
  • Provide next-generation security to cloud-native applications in real-time.
  • Eliminate the need for complex cloud security tools and streamline an organization’s cloud infrastructure.
  • Make the transition to the cloud seamless and effortless for internal development and application teams.

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